Ninéh is a brand for the contemporary woman who is traditional in her aesthetic but modern in her thoughts. She is sophisticated, elegant, classy but the Ninéh woman is also confident and not afraid to take risks. She is comfortable in her own skin and body and will not let the world make her believe otherwise.

The brainchild of a mother-daughter duo, Ninéh, is not just an amalgamation of their names but also a marriage between one’s creativity and the other’s business skills.

The Ninéh story is that of quality and consciousness. From helping local artisans, providing employment to women karigars, and making only on order, Ninéh understands the social responsibilities that any brand must bear in today’s day and strives to develop an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.

“We want to bring to our clients the best quality fabrics with delicate touches of the finest embroideries adorned on modern silhouettes, while keeping in mind both sustainability and affordability”.